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Alta and Agricorp China Sign Exclusive Distributor Agreement

Calgary, Alberta, Canada (July 1, 2006) – Alta Genetics and Agricorp Science and Trade Company announced today that the two companies have reached an agreement for Agricorp to be Alta’s exclusive distributor in China.

The deal paves the way for Alta’s genetic products and programs to reach progressive Chinese dairymen through Agricorp’s direct sales team. Agricorp deals direct with progressive Chinese dairymen. The distributorship with Agricorp will replace the export arrangement that Alta used to serve the market previously.

“The Chinese economy is booming and consumer demand for dairy products is growing. The pressure on the Chinese dairy industry to increase milk production is immense. The opportunities are for aggressive and progressive dairymen alike,’’ notes Cees Hartmans, Alta’s Chief Executive Officer. “In Agricorp, we gain a committed partner that shares our philosophy to develop partnerships with these dairymen and deliver programs and services that improve reproductive performance, which is the key for sustainable and profitable dairy farming. This agreement is a natural extension of our strategy to be closer to the key markets we serve.”

Agricorp was established in 2002 under the management of Mr. Robert Watson, who originally went to China in 1993 to head up a Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) project aimed at improving Chinese milk production. During the China-Canada Dairy Cattle Breeding Project, Watson was responsible for farm management, breeding programs and genetic improvement on project dairies located throughout the country. The CIDA project concluded in 2003 with over 60,000 cows being enrolled in a dairy herd improvement program.

“Agricorp’s management brings tremendous experience and knowledge of Chinese dairy farming,” says Lieuwe Rozema, Alta’s Senior International Sales Director. “In addition, the company has a strong reputation in the market for being dedicated to making Chinese dairymen more productive and profitable. It’s a dedication and commitment we share at Alta.”

China’s large and growing herds are not only looking to make genetic improvement. They also seek management efficiencies in herd health, reproduction, and performance benchmarking. The agreement announced today creates a platform on which Alta’s proven reproductive management and consulting programs, like AltaMate and AltaPreg, can be launched in the marketplace.

“Alta’s strength in marketing superior and trustworthy genetics that perform under intensely competitive conditions gives the Chinese dairy producer the opportunity and confidence to improve the quality of their cows,” notes John McDougall, Alta’s International Sales Manager who will be the lead in managing the day-to-day business relationship with the Agricorp team. “We are excited to move forward with this partnership and strengthen the Alta brand together in this promising marketplace.”

Alta Genetics is an artificial insemination and dairy cattle genetic improvement company focused on the mission to “create value…build trust…deliver results.” The company specializes in the development of genetically superior bulls through state-of-the-art young sire sampling programs, while also offering a complete line of reproductive service solutions.

Alta is the largest privately held AI company in the world, operating sampling programs in the United States, Canada, and Europe and actively marketing products in 84 countries. Company headquarters are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with retail divisions in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Poland.


Mr. Lieuwe Rozema
Senior International Sales Director
+31(0) 653254058

Mr. John McDougall
International Sales Manager
+1 (519) 400-2200

Posted Jul 27th

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